Artist bio

I'm a Multimedia Design graduate who's worked at an advertising agency throughout the pandemic in 2020. Now looking to put more into my art.


Circadian Cycle


Digital Art

Artist Statement

These are artworks that depict the inner struggles that have come to light with the barren seclusion that most people have faced during these times. They also depict that the evils we believe to be external exist within ourselves as well. In facing them, one hopes to cultivate the strength needed to march on in their lives. These show how one's inner self may be given form whilst hoping to topple their individual trials.

How it fits into contest

They relate to the Spiritual Battle in that the individual is seeking to restore their inner strength and in doing so they'll be able forge their own path. Not ignoring the fact that there will always be trials, but that soldiering on will gradually muster up the individual's armour to remain grounded in who they are.

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I offer design services. You can inquire about them on my LinkedIn and Fiverr at "Maputla Leseke".

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