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My name is Duenchayphoochana Phooprasert. I was born and raised in the countryside of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Thailand. My works are made of clay. Expressed in the form of lines, colors, textures, spaces, and shapes that communicate the aesthetics of beauty. I believe that the creation of art is an integral part of the refinement of the soul, directly affecting the creator, society, nation, and world. Because artistic values serve to communicate that spirit. My work is telling the truth to humanity about what we are facing. Because the expressive artistic beauty is full of the fragility of nature, Lines and cleavage appear on the workpiece. be simple It is the body of the world that tells us that nature is great and awe-inspiring, and that man is a tiny creature. Like other living things. I want to create a reminder to have awareness in life by simulating overlapping soil layers until it appears as a high-low area. From the soil layer that comes from the accumulation of sediment, plant and animal remains until it is a strong soil layer. The formation of each layer of soil in the history of human birth and death. Creating this work It is therefore part of us that we are learning the stories of the past through the soil layer. In order to be a lesson and not repeat the same mistake in the future. The work that happened. Therefore, it is a new discourse that arises between me and the soil material. The knowledge that is hidden under the assembly process is the part that promotes the creation of aesthetic values that are beneficial to the mind. The emergence of creative works from such processes is a collaboration of creators and materials. (Local soil that affects spiritual values) to lead to the explanation of the aesthetics that appear in creative works. Which is the introduction of art, culture, and anthropology to integrate to create a spiritual value This will be another important tool to help restore quality of life. And help reduce inequality in many dimensions At the same time; it can continue to create sustainability. However, evidence of such beauty expands the boundaries of perception so that we are able to feel its greatness and magnificence, and ultimately learn to accept reality.


Spirit of the earth no.1


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

This creative work Made from clay by using lines and shapes as a discourse to create aesthetic values. In each work, the dimensions of the lines developed during different periods affect the aesthetics of today's aesthetics. Operational discourse takes place under certain phenomena between objects, lines, earth colors, and local soil behaviors that determine values ​​from two interconnected sources, the person and the natural element.

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The behavior of the lines occurring in the task It is an abstract beauty that requires an explanation of the text in its interpretation. “Soul of the Earth” through the aesthetic discourse of lines in contemporary art.


Professor Kamol tassanalai
National Artist for Visual Arts Degree in 2540. (Painting and mixed media).

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