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I have loved creating art since I was a small child and I still love creating art today. I believe that God gave me a talent and a passion for the arts and every day I hope to share that gift with those around me. I have been an elementary art teacher in West Des Moines, Iowa since 1996 and I enjoy being able to teach my students about art and to help them be creative. I have been a member of Lutheran Church of Hope since 1997 and through the years my church has given me many opportunities to use my artistic gifts and because of these opportunities I have become a better artist and a more faithful servant. To me creating art can be therapeutic, a stress reliever, a time to focus, a time to forget, a time to pray and so much more, but the main thing it has helped to give me a way to express my faith through my art. When I read the bible I sometimes get pictures in my head of what that bible verse might look like and I get inspiration for a new project. I see beauty in a flower and give God praise because he is the master artist and I see how much he loves me through all the beauty he has created.


Prayer Warrior


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I tell my son he is my prayer warrior and I wanted to depict him praying as the world seems to be crashing down, which is represented by the items on the floor and bedside table. On the bed, he has his armor which is represented by the bible, the clothes, and his backpack. The bible is open to Ephesians 6:10-20. This art is supposed to show prayer before the action of getting ready for the day and living the Christian life. This is the third painting I have done using the birds-eye perspective. I think in life we sometimes need a different perspective and with all that is going on right now, a new perspective might be what we all need. This is also my first digital art painting.

How it fits into contest

Everything including spiritual battles should begin with prayer (Ephesians 6:18-20). We are all warriors in the spiritual battle but we don't wear literal armor, we go out in our regular clothes every day to live the Christian Life and to battle the forces of evil with God on our side.


Christie Engelbert

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Since this is digital I can make prints. If you are interested send me an email at You can also find more of my work at

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