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I am a Realist specializing in Liturgical and Historical Art for the Carmelite Fathers of Arizona,California and Utah. I attended the Art Center College of Design. Many of my painting are in Churches. Art is a wonderful way to convey Spirituality to the general pupulation. NA


Weapons of Spiritual Warfare



Artist Statement

The Carmelites are a very Spiritual and Prayer oriented Order. THis is one of our Friers showing the Weapons,including Holy Communion,the Bible and Rosary.It is through the Sacraments and sacramentals,that we fight the Evils of Satan.It is trough a visual communication that the Faith is conveyed ,that is why I like to do Liturgical Artwork.

How it fits into contest

The verse tells us to use the armor of our Faith to fight the plans of the devil who is out to destroy Mankind. In the Catholic Fatih,we use the Armor of Prayer and Sacrmentals,as well as the Carmelite Community,who are involved with a ministry of Spirituality and Contemplative Prayer.



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This is an Original work ,24x30 Oil, and now the property of the Carmelite Fathers of California, in San Jose,Ca. Prints of this work are available at

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My Work is commission,at

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