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Hello, my Name is Timothy Browne, I am an aspiring author and artist from the island of Trinidad & Tobago. In my hopefully, soon to be published, historical fiction genre novels, I attempt to present the reader with an epic of good and evil, a parallel to the reality that we know to be true. I am also a youth pastor with a passion for educating the youth with Christian apologetics and equipping them with the information and knowledge necessary to endure, evangelize and to fight. Two of my many hobbies include guitar, and Christian Debates. Same as above.




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This piece was inspired by the novel civil unrest betwixt activists, BLM advocates and national security forces, but is not meant to be interpreted politically, but rather spiritually.

In 2017, September 20th, my younger brother was shot and killed by a police officer, a short distance from where we lived.

As a maturing Christian, I wrestled with the reality of my loss, and the grief of those around me, ever stricken by the subtle guilt of "not doing enough" to prevent the tragedy.

Nevertheless, in this portrayal of life, the young man is an archetype; an archetype of the possibilities for success that exists for young black men today.

This is exemplified in the vehicle that he drives and the clothes that he wears. However, he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, despite his material success, driven by an unearthly, baneful entity.

Depraved of a coherent guiding principle, namely belief and trust in God, he advances to take an innocent life.

Today, police officers, are seen as the enemy of the people because of the ills of a minority. Here, the police officer, also an archetype, is depicted as a young white man, overwhelmed with anxiety in the face of despair.

He has never taken a life, he doesn't want to. His trigger finger is withdrawn, though danger is imminent.

Over the police cruiser, a malevolent, diabolic, principle spirit manifests, the true face of hostility, invisible to the undiscerning eye, manipulating the events to ultimately bring about a mournful end.

This piece took about five days to make with minimal rest, much prayer and consequential fasting(No time to eat), as I only found out about the competition five days ago. I myself was overwhelmed with anxiety because of my limited time and not knowing what to draw.

It became evermore stressful after I spent hours drawing something I would eventually remove.

With more time and less anxiety, I know I can do more, but I really hope that I get through.

Thank you.

How it fits into contest

Often, even as Christians, we fail to locate the source of the problem. Personally, I am deeply saddened to see Christian fall victim to sensationalized falsehoods. Even today as many are convinced that race is the primary issue.

As Christians we are informed about the Kingdom of darkness, and Satan's hand in the orchestration of evil and wickedness in the world. I have struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide as well as people around me, but we found hope in Jesus and we are overcomers because of him alone.

This work is a reminder not to be carnal minded, and to retain the knowledge that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness.


Elisha Nathan Douglas, my younger deceased brother.

Though he did not directly contribute, his death led me to have a strong stance, in defending good police officers and not letting my spiritual guard down, because the enemy is like a roaring lion, and his arrows do hurt.

Also to keep on drawing, something he always encouraged me to do.

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