Kevon Spencer

Artist bio

I’m Kevon Spencer, a young emerging artist with an eye for detail and a love for charcoal. What inspire me to draw are the thrill, the satisfaction of creating something from nothing; turning a blank paper into a masterpiece by the strokes of my hand, and the challenge of capturing every detail to make the drawing look as realistic as possible. It’s an exhilarating and amazing feeling.


In His Image



Artist Statement

This is an imaginative charcoal drawing. A self-portrait drawn from memory and inner inspiration.

How it fits into contest

The self-portrait drawn inside the silhouette of someone wearing armor signifies how we must apply the scripture in our lives. The armor of God is not something that can be seen but should shape us as who we are in Christ. We are safe in him as we do not fight the spiritual battles on our own. The title of this piece is "In His Image" we were made in His image and likeness which the silhouette reinforces.


Kevon Spencer - artist

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