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Viridiana is an actress and a makeup fantasy artist. She grew up in Mexico, Puebla city, she loves to performed since she was 4 years old. She has a B.A. in theater 2004-2009, University of the Americas Puebla, and a course in New York Film Academy 2014 (LA). She always mixed the paintings, the dancers movements in her performances, that's why she began to create fantasy makeup to had a complete creations. She has also taught performing and painting clases in different Puebla's schools. She is deeply fascinated with performing and painting techniques, the colors, textures in the performing actions. Viridiana continues to work daily creating her own artwok in theater, tv, shorts, films and kid's shows.


¡We are a Duality!


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

How to represent evil and good, so it's easy to understand what you see. Face painting and photo mixed.
I joined my dreams, life´s experiences, ideology and beliefs to create this master piece.

How it fits into contest

!We are a Duality!

This 3 photo arts explains our choices are the reflection on our souls. And we always have the power of change.

1st photo. Is the representation of the good and evil in one person, the emotions, feelings, ideas and actions. (Battle time)

2nd photo. When you decide the wrong way, all your actions had an effect. (We hurt others and us)

3rd photo. You have the power to restart again, with Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness we have always hope and a second chance to be a better human being. (Happiness)


Blanca and Alfonso - in charge lights illumination
Alfonso Jr. - in charge photo camera

How to Purchase this Artwork

Original 3 photos with their frames: Personalized (dimensions, colors, texture)

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Make up fantasy (face-painting, body-painting)

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