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Hello I am an artist painter. I drawn since very young and never quit. Love realisme, Van Gogh, Dali, and cartoons. I like to paint things that are meaningfull with a sense of story. I love painting angels and to honor my religion through my art


Illustrative realism



Artist Statement

This angel is made with acrylic paint. I used craclek paster to create the wings and the halo, the sword and the wings are silver gray in the shadows but illuminating purple in the sun.

How it fits into contest

Life start with a heartbeat and only through your heart can you return to God. The sword is a copy of The sword of St-George, Patron of Knights with represent the choise we are givin to do good or evil, therefore it pierce the heart illustrating that theses choices can lead you to Eternal life or eternal damnation. To remember that it is through the heart of Jesus Christ that you can be forgivin.

In this piece the angel is the army of God. Coming with Shields of life and a dove representing the Holy Spirit.
The dove is caring the veines of the cross as flowers of life to remember the holy spirit is in our blood


Myslef Crystel Geoffre

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Original work created from hand-free pencil drawing to finish paint. For sale; 3000$
by artist Geoffre,

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