Artist bio

I am an amateur street photographer based in Kolkata, India who likes to daydream a lot and lives by his vision rather than following a trend specified by certain people in this grey line of society.


Roaming in between dreams


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This is just a simple attempt to show one pondering over a
bad/alarming dream or a dream that is still going on? The possibilities remain open to exploring further with more similar attempts in the future. I have used different symbolism throughout the series, which continues to date for progress till it's done.

How it fits into contest

Despite being a street photographer I was forced to be indoors during the whole pandemic. It gave me an opportunity to see my surroundings in a much more meaningful way. Things started to fall in place. It is needless to say that to stay with oneself brings out the demons sometimes and we need to learn to make peace with it. I did with mine and this work is a mere expression of that interplay between struggle and peace only.


My parents obviously without whom this would not have been possible. I admire how intentionally/unintentionally they have taken care of me and how I have turned out as an adult. The sublime cues from my childhood are what make me myself, a 23-year-old who is ready for everything, or so I believe.

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