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Hello, I graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1990, with a major in illustration. Since then, I have been on a constant search for a creative inspiration to convey my outlook into the physical world we live in. Concentrating mostly on philosophical, emotional and moral issues to create works of art, I knew something was missing. Except for a small craft business, being the mother of six children put my creative ambitions on hold , until, while going through some hard times, my best friend gave me my first Bible. When I found Engage Art I knew I had to participate. In the name of artists who are spiritually inspired, thank you to all who make this possible, Kinga


Spiritual Crossroad


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

An enclosed habitat, the image is created with mix media. A three dimensional acrylic painting with natural elements such as metal, stone, leather, fabric and wood. The paint symbolizing human creativity while natural elements symbolize divine creation. Although the armor of God is allegorical in its concept, the message I want to convey is that it is, and it should be as realistic in its nature as our every-day tactile surroundings and as necessary in function as the objects and tools we are accustomed to using in our daily lives for physical survival. The helmet, breast plate, shield, belt, sword and boots are assembled with bits and pieces of discarded trinkets, parts and remnants of disused objects, all of which hold some aspect of unknown lives and events within them, "things hoped for" and :things unseen", Further, the armor is and should also be as beautiful and custom fit to ones salvation, as the most desirably tailored garment to ones body. Form and function serving each other mutually with spiritual strength. and divine purpose.

How it fits into contest

We stand at the crossroad of the four realms of our spiritual existence: our beautiful habitat here on Earth, purgatory, the underworld and heaven, where we were born What I illustrate here is that God has a plan for us to return to our birthplace.. This a gift from the Lord and it is a spiritual obligation we should gladly and thankfully accept. In the moment when dark forces threaten our existence as divine creations, and sabotage our return to home, when the time for fight is imminent, we are well prepared only if we wear the full armor of God. standing firm on the ground with an open heart, we will have no fear because at that moment with the sword of truth, it is exposed to us how insignificant his schemes and how truly week the devil really is.


. In spite of the strict push back we experienced against religious teachings in perhaps the most oppressive communist dictatorship in eastern Europe, my Grandfather, never gave up on laying the spiritual foundation for his family.
My friend Sue who taught me how to prey out loud and gave me my first bible and my friend Paulette, who surprises me quite often with a package full of bits and pieces of discarded treasures I can turn into works of art.
My husband, my friend and soulmate for 33 years and last but certainly not least, the beautiful gifts from God, my children:

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Contact me at 570-677-0450

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I create custom made Art Dolls, sculptures, characters, angels fairies

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