Brian Lahoue

Artist bio

I am a rising junior and an aspiring artist, who’s strives to honor God with all I create.


Sword Of The Spirit


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My artwork depicts a sword, representing the sword of the spirit, cutting through chains, which represent the bondage and oppression that we must use God’s Word(the Sword) to fight daily. In the upper right hand corner is written the word Spirit in Hebrew.

How it fits into contest

I chose to focus on the Sword of the Spirit, one piece of the Armor of God. The Sword is used heavily in the Spiritual Battle, as it represents the Word of God. We use the word of God for many things, including using it to free ourselves from bondage and oppression. I depicted this by showing the Sword breaking through the chains, which represent the bondage and hindrances of this world.


Carolina Lahoue

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