Daniel Galvin

Artist bio

I have been a practitioner of media arts for almost a decade. I am a photographer, video editor, writer, and director. I enjoy all forms of art and take special inspiration from film, plays, portrait photography, video games, and books/graphic novels. I also have a bachelor's in theological studies and am a practicing chaplain.


Deborah, 2014 Series



Artist Statement

A series of images inspired by the prophetess Deborah from Judges 4, done in the style of Julia Margaret Cameron, the mother of the pictorialism in photography.

How it fits into contest

Deborah's message in Judges 4 parallels that of Ephesians 6:10. She was also an advocate for prayer, much in line with Ephesians 6:18-20.


My model Lindsey Larson.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Please contact me via email if you wish to purchase any artwork.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I provide photography and videography services. If you wish to contact me, my YouTube channel SwissArmyCinema contains the necessary contact information.

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