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Hi, I'm here because I love to create, not because I have a talent or I'm particularly good at it, but because I have to: A driving force within me screams to be heard, and I'm going to keep creating until the screaming stops. Thank you for the opportunity.


Unseen Forces


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My work is about all the spiritual forces that surround and bombard us every moment, in a constant battle of good and evil. We must help protect ourselves by putting on our spiritual armor that God has given us by studying His Word, praying, praise, thanks, and fellowship. In doing so the bright light and love of God will always prevail within us.

How it fits into contest

This work is all about those spiritual forces that are at constant war for our souls and how we must be prepared by putting on the armor of God. It is an abstract of all those things we cannot see with our eyes but that are always there. It's is light because God is light and love and will always win the spiritual war; but we must help him by wearing the armor.


My close friend Tammy Harborth Stanford and her parents, who had a church I went to as a young adult. I would ask her mother many questions about God and the Bible and she always answered no matter if she was busy or how many times I asked. She has dementia now and doesn't recognize her own family most times, and it's been very hard on the whole family. I pictured those forces which may be around her. Also, Joyce Meyer, who I've watched quite a bit.

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If interested in purchasing, just email me at or text me at 830-476-3218.

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I do have other artwork which I can share if interested Please email or text 830-476-3218 to inquire.

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