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This is Dipannyta and since childhood I am passionate about art. I have inculcated this from my father who is a born artist in many creative field. I have participated in many art exhibition and sold have my Art for charity . My profession I am a manager in a bank in CANADA. I also own a business in CANADA with my spouse. My paintings are based out of portrait and abstract . I am the only one participating in the painting I am uploading


Illusions of Mind



Artist Statement

My Art Depicts the Illusion of Mind during high trauma of life. A trauma can create various layers in the brain which can lead to hallucinations. My Art shows a contemporary method of mind fighting and passing through various layers of illusion which is based on the Color’s chosen in the Art . Color is a sensation created in the brain. If the colors we perceived depended only on the wavelength of reflected light, an object’s color would appear to change dramatically with variations in illumination throughout the day and in shadows. The Art shows a pattern of Trauma through Color’s .

How it fits into contest

A trauma can lead to a spiritual battle in one’s mind. A spiritual battle is nothing but an argument of self confidence or self failure. And if one’s mind is not calm , not meditated it can lead to a spiritual battle leading to trauma.



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CAD 350

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Wall and table Art acrylic, resin , oil

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