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Christian artist residing in the Philippines. Does traditional and digital art, hopes to make films in the future.


The Warrior Bride


Digital Art

Artist Statement

In our Christian walk, the scripture gives us two garments to keep in mind, one the is the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20) when relating to the worldliness and the second is a Bridal garment when looking towards our relationship to God (Revelation 19:9, Matthew 22:1-14). I combined both as they are essential to have a full and healthy outlook that we do not weary ourselves with the combative ways of the world but that we keep our eyes and thought on high which are the eternal and pure things of God. I also added a small detail of the "bride" carrying a hammer in her belt, inspired from Nehemiah 4 wherein to rebuild the city of God, the people of Israel held a sword in one hand for protection and a hammer/tool to rebuild the city. I wanted to put into context our work here while waiting for our savior is top protect and build what is sacred and good.

How it fits into contest

The artwork is about spiritual battle as it endeavors to put a complete picture of what heart and mindset to put on, both the bridal gown and the armor of God. It is about spiritual warfare because it puts into metaphor the need to be aware of the ways of the world but to keep our eyes fixed on the savior Jesus, as it said in the scriptures, "It is good to be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves." If we are mindful of these things, we cannot fall into the snares of the evil one and also are able to do good and love our neighbors as the Spirit will enlighten and embolden us to do.


The Holy Spirit.

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Artwork is currently not available for purchase or reproduction.

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I am primarily a freelance illustrator that does storyboards for film and commercials and well as commissioned work. I also do traditional paintings in landscape and Non-objective art. One may inquire via my email provided or visit my Instagram account and leave a message.

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