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Jill Chronister grew up in small town America. She has used her imagination and faith to create exciting worlds with the power of visual storytelling. she has been creating since she was able to hold a pencil. she spent her early career focused on portrait art as she has always been drawn to the story she sees in their eyes. More recently through giving back she has pivoted to combining her portrait experience with character creation as she focuses on intriguing new worlds.


Suit Up


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I was inspired to paint what I was envisioning of how God’s Word is a like a fire that enrobes us in a warm glow and can grow a fire within. We can than reflect that light to the world. I focused on a child’s faith as they learn and grow. I focused specifically on spiritual battles and how we need to grow our whole armor to be prepared.

How it fits into contest

I feel this piece is important in helping envision how God’s armor is obtained through learning his word and how important it is for us to reflect that as we battle the enemy. We can be enrobed in God’s light against the darkness that surrounds us.


I feel I was inspired by God and did not do this alone

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I am available for commission pieces of art and I sell prints of my art at my Etsy shop currently.

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