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Kiya Nicole is a Philadelphia based artist with a focus in ceramic sculpture and fine art vessels. She creates intuitively, allowing the tactile experience to guide her as she works. This process becomes a meditation on sensation and memory. She explores the cyclical nature of interconnection, the body, and personal growth. By infusing the intricacies of the natural world into the work, she considers the connection she has to her surroundings, and the resources in oneself to create change.


Oil Spill



Artist Statement

My work is centered around meditative art practices inspired by connectivity, nature, and relationships. I believe that through art comes healing and understanding between people and the land in which we inhabit. I pursue work that I hope fosters a sense of peace, curiosity, and self reflection. I am extremely process driven, and I draw from and rely on sensation and memory to access inspiration. I am interested in exploring interconnected relationships between the body and forces in nature. By highlighting intricacies of the natural world that I feel are often overlooked, I hope to draw attention to the connection and impact we have on our surroundings, and the resources within oneself to create change.

In these times I ask myself; how do we deal with existential threats to our environment, freedom, and the wellbeing of those we care about. How can the pursuit of beauty, delicacy, and form, aid in the fight for equality and environmental sustainability?
In my work I am searching for a balance of light and dark. I do this through exploration of structure and control, and the wild forms of the unknown. How can simple objects made of mud transcend to become something ethereal and inspiring. How can we turn an increasing sense of hopelessness and fear into action and beauty? As an individual dealing with over 10 years of chronic pain, I consider the body and one's agency when creating work. Using sensation, tactility, and intuition to guide the work.

How it fits into contest

. At the age of eleven, my idyllic childhood was disrupted when I developed intense pain in my back. I underwent two intensive surgeries to remove a tumor in my spine. This left me with severe chronic pain that limits my ability to participate in the activities I love. The lasting impact of this event is something that I am still trying to reckon with and navigate with grace. I use my art making practice to ground me, and to help me process.
In a world where innocence and beauty is regularly threatened and destroyed, I choose to believe that the act of creation and celebration of the world can combat the evil that we are often met with. "oil spill" is an exploration of the beauty that can come out of darkness. It is a piece about the resilience that resides within us, despite fear, trauma, and pain.


My grandmother and mother are incredible artists who have inspired me to pursue a career creating beauty in the world.

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Contact me through email or website to purchase. $535

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Root and Rocks infuses natures' rhythm into handmade ceramic goods. From functional items to fine art vessels and abstract sculpture, interconnected forms are highlighted in the work. Each piece is made with the hope that it will bring a sense of beauty, peace, and reflection.
All products are made by Kiya Nicole in Philadelphia, PA. You can find my portfolio at
While I'm not the best at updating my website, I can always pair you with a piece that catches your eye from my portfolio. Just reach out and tell me what pieces you like, and I can make a custom piece (at no extra cost) or find you something thats recently come out of the kiln!

I also offer art making classes that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident to work on your own.
Whether you are looking for one on one instruction to improve your skills, a group class for a work event or get together with friends, sessions can be customized to your needs. Virtual and in person sessions are available. Kiya specializes in teaching meditative art, whatever skill you want to improve will be taught with a relaxing and intuitive approach.
Classes include: Watercolor, Drawing, Ceramics, and Acrylic Painting
Online and in person. Inquire for more details

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