Luis Torres

Artist bio

I'm a portrait painter from Puerto Rico, living in Texas for about 2 years now. I been doing Art since a very young age, raised by my grandparents, my grandpa was a green beret, and my grandma used to work in a factory. Since I was a Kid been dreaming to become a famous Artist, enjoy every single visits to the museum daydreaming that one day I would be the one with paintings on a museum or selling them on Big Auction, I'm still thinking the same way with Hopes and Dreams and a Big motivation...My wife and my two kids, one of them with autism. Life is not easy but we just need to keep doing what we love and always keeping the faith!


Western Art



Artist Statement

Inspire by my grandmother and my son

How it fits into contest

For me both of the persons that I used as an inspiration for the paintings are my son and my grandmother, for me they are warriors on their own, my grandma for having the courage of raising me and my son with autism with his ups and down is making me a better person every day.


My wife and my kids for always supporting me.

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