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Art that breathes Life, Light and Hope. Artist Nathalie Martin is both a realist and a utopist. Though she does not shy away from addressing hard issues, she creates art that breathes life, light and hope. Drawn to contrasts, she prefers layering colors, glazing and frottis. Through her paintings Nathalie captures the emotion of her characters, allowing us to see their personality, their uniqueness, and the beauty of diversity.​​ Her paintings are calm and subtle; her message, unapologetic: all humans are beautiful and are divine image-bearers.





Artist Statement

During a time of prayer and fasting partly for my art, I felt the Lord ask me to paint a self-portrait. After completing it I waited to name it. It was only a month or two after, when the #metoo movement emerged, that I knew how I had to name it.

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When we think of rape is often seen for its devastating effects, and rightly so. However, what is portrayed here is a veteran warrior. It is an overcoming, a redemption, a sober victory gained through the Spirit. It is a recognition of God-given worth and beauty. It is the fight to win the war in my mind and a resolve to fully overcome the shadows of my past.


I am the sole artist and am the photographer of the reference photo.

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