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My name is Kenzie Lomont and I'm approaching my sophomore year at Parsons for fashion design. I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana but after going to school in the city, I know I belong in New York. I hope to remain there in the fashion industry after I graduate and continue to create wearable art.


wire and chain garment



Artist Statement

This piece is a quite geometric dress completely composed of wire fencing and chains with a spandex suit underneath. The look also includes a wire headpiece of holy medals. I have never created a garment out of wire before this, but I wanted to challenge myself and once I have a vision- I have to execute it. The long process of creating this dress included creating pattern pieces, cutting the wire shapes out, forming them to mirror my sketch, attaching them all together with thinner wire, adding chains that suspend each platform of the skirt and making the suit that is wore underneath it.

How it fits into contest

I believe my work exemplifies the topic, because although I didn't take an obvious approach to it, it encompasses the emotion of righteousness and victory that Ephesians 6:10-20 teems with. I chose to create a more feminine, progressive armor dress that echoes the fearlessness that these verses encompass. It states, "Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should, " when referencing the gospel. The utilization of wire that is clearly transparent is meant to act as less of a physical armor, but instead embody a strong mental armor in the battle against spiritual forces of evil. The body is exposed in areas but the wearer's mental strength and valor renders them unwavering, untouchable when it comes to the forces of evil. She is also quite literally "an ambassador in chains." Lastly, the holy medals and crucifixes that dangle across her forehead symbolize the continuous focus on Christ, which enables her to defeat the devil's schemes on all occasions.


I created this piece myself.

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