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Hi, my name is Lizzy. I am an artist from northern Minnesota, and am not restricted to one or two mediums! I love to explore with supplies.


Guiding Hand


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Description: A person kneels with hands together, wearing a full suit of armor. Above them is a floating hand with strings attached to the person, as though they are a puppet. Religious books surround them. The background is yellow and blue with black seeping in from all sides.

Note on Meaning: This piece shows how we are guided and protected by God, but also controlled by them. If we stray too far, or lose our connection, we are at the mercy of any dark forces that may be around us. But if we grow our connection, we can confront these forces with a sense of purpose, guidance and preparation.

How it fits into contest

The spiritual battle passage tells us that we must “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” This is depicted both visually and metaphorically in the painting. We see the armor the person has put on, the books they have read, and the guiding hand. But also included is the light that this brings and the darkness that tries to creep in and influence us. I found that “the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains” gives both hopeful and fearful reasons for us to trust God. It shows that we have very little choice in the matter, but it may be what is best for us. We seem to be a part of this spiritual battle, whether or not we wish to be. So it is important for us to focus on our connection to God and prepare ourselves the best we can.

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