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I am 55 years old and only recently began painting . During the worst of the pandemic I had been laid off and had my car repossessed so I have been at home alot and unable to secure employment so I started painting because I had always wanted to try and i love the way art of all sorts sort of speaks to us and stirs emotion in the viewer. I've lived in Hawaii for over 30 years and , despite many spiritual battles, have been blessed to have this life that I was given . I have faced monumental challenges yet something inside won't let me give up hope. So I continue to strive and grow and love with all my heart . And share that through my art. I hope you like it.


Battling Inner Demons



Artist Statement

Depicted on the canvas is a spiritual inner battle with one's own demons. Which could be anything that would draw them away from God or into the darkness. For example temptations, negative and self destructive thoughts and beliefs about themselves.
The angel on the bottom left of the canvas represents the individual engaged in battle with their respective demons, whatever they may be. The demons are represented by the figure /face in the top right of the canvas . This face appears to be melting slowly as it is slowly being destroyed with strikes from the orb of light which the angel holds . The orb of light represents the protection and power of the holy spirit that grows as our relationship with God grows. It ultimately protects us from the evil and from succumbing to the darkness of this world. You can see this shining through here in the painting and the strength of it which causes the "energy waves" to rise up from around the angel , thus affording the protection and eliminating said demons

How it fits into contest

. As verses 10 through 12 of Ephesians Chapter 6 talks about ; the battle isn't of the flesh but a spiritual one against this dark world.

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This painting is for sale for $100.00
To purchase it please either email me at
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I have an Instagram account dedicated solely to my Art work:

All other paintings are posted to the Instagram page and you can send me a message to inquire about a specific piece if you'd like to purchase . Thank you.

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