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My name is Maurissa Armstrong. I live in Trinidad. For as long as I can remember I have always loved drawing. I don't have much formal training in art and design. I recently completed an online class that taught me character drawing. I also love movies and the impact it can have on people, especially as a tool for evangelism. When I write or draw it's usually inspired by scripture and looks like something out of a cartoon!


Woman of war.


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This illustration depicts a woman reading the bible to young children, teaching them, and preparing them for spiritual warfare.
Set in Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad, amongst our beautiful poui trees, park benches and warm sun.

This illustration was inspired by my mother who has humbly served for many years as a woman who not only prepares herself daily for spiritual warfare but she has prepared and continues to prepare many children to grow up and do the same.
Though my parents separated as a child my mother led our family strong, working as a caretaker to young children of varying cultures, while taking care of my siblings and I. She taught us to read the bible, thereby putting on the helmet of salvation, that our faith would not waiver and our hope in God remain firm.

How it fits into contest

In writing to the Ephesians, Paul the apostle intended to teach them, prepare them for spiritual battle. His letter taught them about each piece of armour which they would need, in order to be victorious.
The word of God is our defence against the lies of the enemy. When we read it and memorize it, though the enemy tries to tempt us as he did with Jesus Christ in the desert, we can stand firmly upon the word of God and declare that his truth is THE truth! Teaching the generations to come to meditate on the word of God is crucial. As they learn from a tender age to stand upon the word of God through any test or trial they would be victorious in the battles that they enter into.


My Mother. I'm forever grateful for the time she took to prepare me and my siblings for spiritual warfare.

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I am a freelancer. I provide graphic design, video editing, photography, motion graphics and character animation services.
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