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a nomad artist living in europe in a vintage motorhome, cleaning beaches and making environmental art


god’s armor



Artist Statement

forgiveness offers everything i want. forgiveness is my armor, it shields me from false authority and is my foundation of true sovereignty in this physical experience called life. i am free in god’s gift of presence.

How it fits into contest

my interpretation of ephesians 6: 10-20 put on the armor of god and stand your ground in the gospel of peace: a Queen playing card. The upper half is Nefertiti, her tall, straight-edged and flat-topped blue crown, a female version of the Khepresh, a blue leather war crown covered by protective discs and worn by Egyptian kings implies power and, in Egyptian iconography, a subjection of enemies or the forces of chaos. with divine intelligence. Yet she is reknown for faithfulness, beauty and peace; she holds two white peony flowers complete with roots which is natural medicine for anxiety, depression and rebalancing estrogen. A queen bee symbolizes a life given in service for her people. The other half is Isis, wearing God’s armor, reknown for protecting and healing the living and the dead. she is accompanied by the scarab symbolizing immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection (the scarab has a third eye symbol, again indicating divine intelligence). Both are in the lifegiving waters of the river Nile. Nefertiti’s scarlet cloak becomes the lifeblood of the Nile.

How to Purchase this Artwork

original oil painting on canvas and prints available to buy. please contact artist via whatsapp

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commissions for paintings and murals welcome

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