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The difference between a flower and a weed is judgement


What Lurks in the Shadows



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I wanted to create an artwork based on the figurative expression: “A wolf in sheep's clothing.” I liked the idea of having this innocent child’s stuffed animal, but in the shadows lurks something much more sinister. At face value everything is fine, but what lies behind it is another side that is quite the opposite of what is first seen. It is very reflective of society and everyday life, and really speaks about what evils lie and lurk around us.

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A big part of life is facing the evils and temptations that surround us and that are a part of us. It is up to each and every one of us and our choices whether or not we push those sinful natures and behaviors away, or if we will fall into their embrace. And a big part of that battle between good and evil is being able to distinguish what a call from the dark side is. Sin and temptation take many forms and those forms can be very hard to decipher. So the idea of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is used to represent how sin and evil are disguised, and how we must be able to “unclothe” the wolf to fight the evils that draw us in everyday. Being able to distinguish right and wrong and being able to know what a pull from the devil is, is the first step in being able to resist temptation when it comes. It is also the first step into living a life in the light and having the ability to be strong in the spiritual battle that goes on everyday.

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