Nikki Besser

Artist bio

Nikki Besser is a northern Minnesota based artist. Her primary focus is on realism demonstrated through various mediums, including oil and acrylic paint, paper, pastels, and a variety of mixed media. She aims to create vibrant and bold works of art that capture the viewers attention, drawing them into the details of the story that lie within the piece. She hopes to create works that are universal and will allow her audience the freedom to find their own interruption and connection to the work, rather than limiting the perspective to her own. Her work is expressive, lively and full of heart.


A Divine Intervention



Artist Statement

“A Divine Intervention” is 36” by 24 “ inch acrylic painting on canvas. This piece was inspired through a spiritual vision I had regarding the true nature of spiritual armor. Without it we are defenseless against our enemies, but fully clothed we are unbeatable, nothing can penetrate the true strength and defense of God’s divine armor/army. We must understand the importance of the armor in standing firm against the schemes of the devil. It is one thing to speak the words of the armor, it is quite another to seek the council of God to activate the true power that lies within the spiritual armor and receive The Divine blessing that is necessary to truly wage war against the enemy. God patiently awaits the warriors to come before His throne, upon a bended knee to receive the abundant blessings and Divine protection that is offered to each and everyone of us. For only then will we see freedom from oppression.

How it fits into contest

Although we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities that may be, we are never alone in fighting the spiritual battle. The hand of God is always upon us, lifting us up, carrying us through, guiding and directing our paths in ways not always seen or known to us within the capacity of our physical beings. Although our naked eye may not always see the presence of The Divine, our spirits are capable of recognizing The Presence, as long as we are able to go to the place within to seek God’s guidance. We must simply be still, and know that He goes before us, leading the army of spiritual warriors that we all are. Before we are equipped to fight the good fight, we must fully clothe ourselves in the spiritual armor and humbly bow our head, bow our knee to receive the blessing of victory! For only then can we extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one and bring everlasting peace to the earth and mankind. Armor up brethren!



How to Purchase this Artwork

$1,200. Contact via email and purchase arrangements can be made through PayPal or Venmo, or via my Etsy shop.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I offer a variety of other artworks in various mediums, including paint, pastels, and paper quilling through my Etsy store, Instagram, and/or open for private/custom commission.

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