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I am a Dutch visual artist and creative-systemic coach. I love art and creativity, but mostly I love to empower others by using creativity. I am autodidact in my artwork and received some lessons in Painting and Drawing, Sculpture and Ceramics. I work with all sorts of materials like modeling clay, carving wood, waste materials, drawing, painting and collages. I work with a theme, look for the challenge of a material or just let it happen and be surprised by the outcome. My work is realistic with an alienating effect. As creative-systemic coach I listen to you with soft eyes and an open heart and soul, so you can discover new insights yourself, experiment and grow. During the creative retreats that I facilitate you enter the silence of the monastery, where you can discover yourself, God and your creativity. The retreat is a healing for your soul, God is at work and I may guide it. Art, creativity and coaching go well together in my approach whether it is a walk, workshop or retreat. Educations and Work: I am graduated with a masterdegree in the History of Art, with the specialization Modern Art and minors in Mathematics, Spanish, Museum Policy, Exhibition and Philosophy. Recently I finished the Masterclass Cultural Leadership and also Systemic Coaching. Nowadays I am a boardmember of Platform Church & Art (Platform Kerk en Kunst), which supports the emancipation and professionalism of artists within Dutch churches, assists churches in the design and completion of exhibitions, and supports with all initiatives to improve the social position and income position of artists.


Jesus - signlanguage



Artist Statement

I was very moved by the photo of two hands and the accompanying main article of an Open Doors magazine (Open Doors serves persecuted Christians around the world by providing vital support, delivering resources, and providing training). As a visual artist, the photo of the hands making the signlanguage for Jesus, had a great impact on me. I had to make that!
The secret Ichtus sign (the fish) for a Christian is fairly well known, but this gesture (which is made to both hands) is unknown and so beautiful. I started investigating this gesture and I figured out what it means exactly: This sign stands for Jesus on the cross. The middle finger of one hand symbolizes a nail that goes in the other hand.

How it fits into contest

Ichtus stands for Jesus Christ God Son Saviour. And that is what I believe. No matter how difficult my situation is, God takes care of me and my family every day. So I don’t have to worry about anything. I am strong in the Lord and his mighty power and those bronze hands symbolize exactly that. Also the signlanguage for Jesus is a secret symbol and sign for those who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

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