Maya Hivale

Artist bio

"My art grows out of the circumstances and concerns that I live through each day. Using paint and objects from everyday life, I explore and expand my thoughts and ideas. It is a joy to create using found objects, fabric pieces, dictionary pages, photographs etc. for the purpose of expression and healing. In this process of instinctual choices I create meaningful art that reveals my heART." Maya has worked as a Children's Social Worker for 20+ years, and has a unique understanding of the power and connection between cross-cultural counseling and art therapy. She believes that art is an innovative approach to foster hope and is gratified to find in the art world values that enlighten, refresh and educate children, families and the community as a whole. Maya passionately produces mixed-media works of art. She loves to layer images and use discarded items that are considered trash and transform them into something new. Maya's family is from India, she was brought up in the multi-cultural city of Toronto, Canada and lives in Southern California. Her faith, family and world-travels has given her an inheritance of images that can use for a lifetime.


Window Pain


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My art is about the spiritual battle and pain we face in a dark world. This piece was created with discarded windows and includes a base with mirrors to symbolize reflection and the power of prayer.

How it fits into contest

As depicted the figure kneels solo with tears falling down. She wears the weight of the world (original historic newspaper clippings). She is surrounded in weathered glass windows and she prays in the Spirit (Eph. 6:18). Her head is anointed by the word of the Lord. She prays with strength.


My Savior Jesus Christ.

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