Kendra Harvey

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Hi there! I’m Kendra and I have been painting since high school! Normally I paint on non normal things (I first painted on rocks before canvas, for example) and this just shows how much I love to break boundaries in painting- whether physically or conceptually. I am currently attending a Christian collage to get a BA in Marketing Media and am excited to see how the Lord chooses to use the gifts He has given me!


ARMOR OF GOD - A Self Portrait



Artist Statement

Well it was going to be simple but of course then I got an image in my head of this spiritual vortex holding personifications of many of my temptations ... and at the center would be the tempter himself- and me, about to face it fully armored, the Sword of the Spirit glowing in my hand. The Word of Truth.
This painting is pretty big for me for several reasons. It’s extremely personal, I had to reflect a lot on temptations I face, how to personify them, and what the armor of God should look like. Secondly, I honestly thought there was no way I could bring this vision to life technically and aesthetically speaking- but it worked! Painting skin in cold light without it tubing green was a miracle for me. I’m really pleased with how it came out despite the difficulty of the abstract concept. This was a huge step for me personally and as an artist. Technically this is a work in progress- but it is meant to be because I am also a work in progress.

How it fits into contest

About two years ago my good friend challenged me to do a self portrait wearing the armor of God as described in Ephesians 6 and Isaiah 59. This is key to confidence: that our trust is in the Lord and what He gives us, not me.


Kendra Harvey- artist
Jennie Dalman- the inspiration
Allison Hunt- the occasional armor advise-giver

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Original- not for sale, extremely personal work

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Commissions - hand painted hydro flasks or any painted practicality

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