Kevin Simmons

Artist bio

My name is Kevin Simmons! I am currently a student at Radford University pursuing my Master’s in Speech Pathology. I was walking down the art hallway looking at pieces of work and came across an Engage Art flier. It definitely caught my eye. Heading into winter break, I decided to play around with the idea of a drawing. Day by day, my piece got bigger and bolder. I love this piece because it expresses a time of vulnerability. Heading into this New Year, I’ve wanted to commit more time to quiet times and focusing on my relationship with God. I’m in such a peaceful state and I hope this message can’t be a light for someone out there.


...They Comfort Me



Artist Statement

This artwork took me about 3 weeks to finish. I started with a single sheet of printer paper. I found that my drawing was getting bigger, and my ambitions as well. 6 sheets of taped paper later, I found myself creating an image of battle against our biggest fears. I love working with colored pencils beca I’m able to shade, and create a bold outline.

How it fits into contest

This work fits into the context because we have spiritual battles daily. I was reading scripture and remembered my favorite book in the Bible (Psalms) and my favorite chapter. Psalm 23 created an outline for me. Although we go through battles, if we remember that our strength is in our Father and He provides all that we need. We find comfort in the rod and staff. I was so excited to find these related verses as they are direct impact to what we need in our daily lives.


My mom helped provide crayons and colored pencils for me. She also provided the printer paper for me to continue with the project.

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