Artist bio

I'm an amateur artist that paint and sketch female anime or manga. My style comes from old Japanese anime cel styles. I'm working on creating more stories for each female characters that I create. Each story has a great meaning to it.


The Path to Righteousness: Ronin



Artist Statement

It was my first time ever using Copic Markers. I picked this contest to try it out.

How it fits into contest

The story behind this artwork is about once a female warrior who had once lost her way and her beloved husband. She now follows a path to find her purpose in life. She is following the path of righteousness, to service and protect others as she once did before, and to continue fighting against evil spirits and humans that lurks in the shadows. She is a free spirited warrior.


Its was only me that worked on it. But my parents help me with finding the inspiration to creating this story because they know a lot more about the verses.

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