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Growing up on a ‘dead end’ road in the county; Ohio-native artist, Jennifer Sowders, grew up spending a lot of time studying nature, and appreciating the Creator through the expression of art. Jennifer is a 1994 BFA graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design. She is an Associate member of the Ohio Watercolor and National Watercolor Societies; on the board of the Fostoria Area Arts Council and member of the Ohio Art League. She is author of “Bible Promises Spoken”, a 100+ topical Bible Promise video series, through her YouTube channel: hearingGod. Selected prints of her work can be found at: Watercolor has become her primary medium in recent years and her landscape paintings have been in national shows, but she also has a series entitled “Hands” that encompass visions she has had. Spiritually themed pieces, like "Praying for You"; within this series, contain mixed media and assemblage. Jennifer returned to her childhood home in 2012, and although rural, opens up her studio: "MONgallery" to the public on MONdays, encouraging visitors to enjoy the woodlands, fields, stream and farm animals along the way. She is happily married to Gary and has 3 sons. n/a


Praying for You


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

To this artist, hands are a beautiful thing. Hands nurture; they toil, they bless - they strive. Beyond prayer, hands empower the soul. They also tell every story under the sun. Trial to triumph, compassion to crucifixion--these hands are filled with every line of life.

This work was created within what I call my "Hands series"; a series that is meant to have an identification with Christians but an appeal to all. The subject matter of "Hands" are integral as an important vehicle to deliver an expression of emotions that need no face to convey, no voice to tell. To the spiritually sensitive, rich meaning can be drawn; while the rest may find themselves moved by the emotional tone of the piece, depiction, or left with a hunger to discover ‘why?’.

Many pieces within this series are from visions I've personally had. "Praying for You" was one I had in 2018 but was not impressed to create the painting until I saw this contest (ah yes,-- timing).

Mixing media helped me flow with what was best for the piece, but it is primarily acrylic on canvas panel. Faded edges evoke a dreamlike 'state of thought' which direct focus to the deeper spiritual message I am intending to convey. The main figure appears to hover; because prayer covers and also lifts us up.

Dimensional objects inserted are an important means that brings ‘physicality’, --that drawing sense of ‘Touch’.
 Through such uses, my desire is to pull the viewer into empathy; fusing personal life experience with the message, "In Jesus, You are Covered".

How it fits into contest

With inspiration from Psalm 91:1-6 and the need for HIS covering (from the arrow that flies by day), this piece focuses on the value of solidarity in Jesus and "Covering one-another" in Prayer.
His "Covering" is strong; a hurled javelin snaps to shreds in touching it. In the painting, each anchor of covering is held by a faithful believer fulfilling the commission to "Love one-another". Prayer is not idle, and it certainly IS vital. As the world seems to push disunity, I believe "and greater works than these" is accomplished by faithful believers that are not 'loners' riding out the storm til' HE returns, but ones in united fellowship sharpening iron against iron and "believing BIG".


Me (Jennifer Sowders) and God... because this was a vision He gave me in 2018

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Original, framed. $1100. Contact through for purchase.

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Limited commissions accepted. In addition to the ongoing "Hands" series, traditional award-winning Watercolor and oil still-lifes, landscapes and plein air paintings are available.

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