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We live in a world surrounded by media which plays a major role in forming the way we view issues around us. Art has always appealed to me as it is a universal language that can be understood by anyone and everyone who consumes it. As an artist, I hope to use my platform to create meaningful pieces that will positively influence audiences. I am currently a student at Ringling College of Art and Design studying Computer Animation.


Monsters Do Not Scare Me


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This is a digital piece created in Procreate that addresses a familiar concept of a universal childhood fear.

How it fits into contest

From the moment we are born, we are tested by the world around us. The danger and struggle we face are both confusing and contradictory. It is vague and nameless as it comes in any form yet specific enough to be recognized by all. It is the sinful temptations buried deep within us and the unknown threat lurking in the dark outside. However, we do not navigate our trials alone. Through faith and the love that God has bestowed upon us, we wield the ultimate weapon. It is through scripture, through prayer, and through action, the path to overcoming any obstacle and ultimately eternal salvation.

This piece depicts a young girl facing her fear. The concept of a monster hiding under a bed or within a closet is a fear that every child is familiar with. Personally, I recall many restless nights dreading what prowled in the corner. In the piece, the girl is seen reading a book and unfazed by the monster. Much like the girl, I learned to overcome my fears through reading the Bible stories at night and learning lessons in Sunday School. With God always at our side, we can overcome any obstacle.


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