Jeanie Mauney

Artist bio

Jeanie Mauney is a local artist in Charlotte, NC. She has a love and passion for color that reflects well in her work. Her abstract style of painting allows her to show the contrast and blending of rich colors at the same time giving life to her subject. She has a talent for painting animals and giving character to each piece she creates. Her use of palette knife techniques gives her paintings texture and depth that is distinctly recognizable. God has given her this amazing talent and she loves giving back by teaching at re-hab centers and other venues. n/a


Standing on the Promises



Artist Statement

This contest was introduced to me in early February of this year. Once I read the scripture a lion, The King, was in my plan of action. My love and passion of painting wildlife comes from trekking the globe as a travel agent of 30 years. My use of color and texture with a palette knife gives depth and meaning to this epic piece. The lion is standing on the sword and gospel of John, ready for battle.The church and it's people are represented by the cross to give us strength and hope.

How it fits into contest

The imagery from the scripture Ephesians 6:10-20 gives life to this piece of art, "Standing on the Promises". The lion represents The King. The sword and gospel are our Armour of God. The cross is our salvation and hope in Christ. Everyday we must put on our Armour of God, ready for battle to fight the opposition.


Jeanie Mauney

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original piece of work. Standing on the Promises will be used to witness to church congregations and small groups. Prints have already been made that are 22x22.5. for $125.00 each. Contact me directly for purchase and shipping.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Note cards will be available of this painting. I offer private lessons team building classes, and teach at Hobby Lobby. I also give back by teaching at rehab centers.

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