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Artist bio

I'm an artist, a husband, father, and a believer in a Creator above. I enjoy letting my inspiration pour out on the canvas. For the past years I've been making, building, and creating my art in the Baltimore metro area. I paint and flow together motion and color with impressionistic, modern design, and mosaic. My subject matter can change, but my heart is in the ocean, beach, and sailing themes. It has been a walk of love, faith, and purpose using my creative gifts for a more fulfilling life for me. I desire the canvas to tell stories, instill hope, and inspire fullness of life. I believe we are all works of beautiful art that are made with love and purpose. I hope that these paintings will speak to you in this way so that you will be more than a friend, but a part of my art family.


Be Strong



Artist Statement

‘Be Strong’ is a triptych of art made up of a design called Paint Mosaics. Paint Mosaics came from the wasted leftover paint from my pallet. The dried-up paint would be scraped up and put together like a glass mosaic. The process now consists of mixing paint, drying it, scraping up the paint, and applying it in a different form. This allows me to be more physically and emotionally attached to the work. The paired ideas of wasted useless material with it being reused and brought back to life, piece by piece, makes beauty out of what was supposedly lost. It lets me see all of life’s experiences, good and bad, in a different kind of light.
Every painting is like a new surprise because the pieces of paint chips are unique, colorful, and dynamic in shape and size. No two are the same. The Paint Mosaic artwork reflects the story we all have in common. Every piece of life you have lived, even the times of loss and waste, makes up a beautiful picture that is especially you.

How it fits into contest

'Be Strong' is the name of a triptych series of Paint Mosaics on the scripture of Ephesians 6:10-20. Each piece covers a portion of the verses in three distinct scenes. All three paintings have a gray background color like stone to visually give the feel of tablets. This helps with the portrayal of Biblical text for each picture.

'Our Struggle', painting #1, is taken from Ephesians 6:10-12.
The different colors and layers represent the realms of the living, physical and spiritual, that our struggle exists. Flesh, blood, rulers, authorities, powers, and forces are the different seen and unseen areas under heaven where we make war. As the colors go darker so does the evil that is against us. Some enemies are obvious while others hidden. Look closely to each layer and you may find evil looking or touching our lives. This is our struggle.

'Able To Stand', painting #2, is from Ephesians 6:13-17.
Here a warrior is standing on the field of battle. The armor is golden and bright which a child of God would be wearing but it isn't looking polished. The warrior looks worn and battle ridden. His armor is stained, and some areas are missing, but there is a blue sky promising a new day of victory. This is at the end of the fight where he has engaged the enemy and at the end, he is able to stand.

'On All Occasions', painting #3, is taken from Ephesians 6:18-20.
Here is a painting of a bowl with different colored plumes of smoke rising and filling the air. The Bible tells us of bowls and censors with incense making smoke to show the prayers of God's people. The green bowl here is the symbol where we are in life on this earth. The smokey plumes are the prayers of the saints being lifted to heaven. The different colors of prayers express the many types of words we have for ourselves and each other. It is a beautiful and sweet moment where we who profess Christ as Lord can pray on all occasions.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Each painting is valued at $592.00 which doesn't include shipping.

Interested parties may email or text me for purchase. The information for that is on my website, I will end you an invoice through email or text for the sum of the painting(s) and shipping.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I sell series of work through prints, originals, and do commission paintings who want that one of a kind special piece just for them. The information for this is on my website,

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