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This is my life: I've experienced many facets of life bouncing around the west, south, and mid-west United States. After the so so many numerous close calls, and rather embarrassing life choices, I currently find myself entangled in art expression (deep in the heart of Texas). This is my art: Early 2019 I began to use a watercolor gift set given as part of a music concert V.I.P experience(thank you LD). I would paint pictures for my mom and leave encouraging notes in random places for lost souls to find. 2020 brought Heaven's call to my strong and beautiful mother and the distraught "solitude lockdowns" that followed. After some months of mourning and creative silence, I tried to watercolor paint again but memories and pain led me to find another medium. Acrylic pouring crossed my journey and we had some fun adventures. Mid to late 2021 I began to interpret and empty the emotional healing onto canvas in the form of Brush and Acrylic Paint creation. This is my ministry: My artworks are greatly inspired by the wonderful gift of Grace given us through the way, truth, and life of God's son: Jesus. In the mediums of my artistic expressions I try to convey hope, love, and moments of peace, all the while resting in faith they will bring healing to people in all walks of life and fill heaven's "Great Hall" for my mom to admire. This is my story: I've heard it said "life is what you make of it". I've made it fun, made it into a disaster, and made it this far-only by grace. Let's make life: beautiful together... This is my story, what's yours?


Cast Down



Artist Statement

Ephesians 6:12 tells us we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Although the battle is in the spiritual realm, we can feel it in the physical. The painting is representative of a soul breaking free from the clutches of a principality's oppression as the sky around begins to storm and reflect such powerful freedom and battle.

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I've found the mind is a battle field where many victories, strongholds and or losses are achieved. Thoughts can bring us to extreme heights of joy or bottomless lows of emotional storms as our minds are bombarded with negative accusations, temptations, and identities. This abstract painting of a soul breaking free from the hold of a principality of spirit is representative of the solitude in which we can get trapped in and the power of Christ that can break us free from them. The armor of God to me, is the identity of Christ woven into my own. In times of depression, oppression, loneliness, fear etc, what Christ has done, the blood he shed, the sonship he gave, is the only defense I have to silence and combat the enemy. In a time I found myself under negative thoughts and what felt like an onslaught of spiritual accusations, I expressed the battle to break free of darkness in the heavy handed brush strokes and aggressive swipes of a palette knife


I would thank many people who have constantly reminded me to lean into/on the promises of God and the covering of grace in Jesus, that helps me overcome times of emotional torment and challenges.

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