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I am Nouran Bahaa, an artist from Egypt. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mansoura University, and I draw with many materials, especially oil paintings. I am a girl with multiple talents and interests. I love scientific research and writing, and I am preparing a master's thesis at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Egypt


containment need



Artist Statement

The artwork consists of an oil painting on prepared canvas that contains a girl with childish features who looks focused and puts her hands in an embrace.
And since I am an Egyptian artist, of course I am influenced by Coptic art and ancient Egyptian art

How it fits into contest

The features of this girl resemble me and express my attachment to my soul and spirit while I was going through a depressed state.
Where I went through the experience of divorce, and this is considered a stigma for the society in my country, and this, of course, makes women lose self-confidence and make them feel racist.
Therefore, the eyes were drawn large and clear, as they reflect the feelings in a state of innocence, sadness and self-pity. As well as short hair with dry ends as a result of cutting braids. And the position of the hands, which expresses the need for containment, or as an expression in the body language of fear and rejection of violence. In addition to the golden cord around the neck, it symbolizes the restrictions, and the golden cord to symbolize that the restrictions are deceptive with their shining appearance.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This painting has a moral value, so you must buy it at a good price
I receive money by bank transfer

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