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Born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota had a very troublesome childhood; a lot of obstacles to climb and overcome...I always loved the arts poetry painting writing drawing music photography...The Bible has inspired my life; as written in the hearts and souls;....


Entering The Dream



Artist Statement

Dreams are chaotic; with very little remembrance; all I remember from the dream is floating in the boat into a dark Gateway; through the watery marsh... It’s just me myself and I am then the shadow....

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Do I rely on my id; ego; my I am; my core my self even though the darkness; is all I have; it’s what I am entering .... isn’t the darkness something; something; the darkness is something... It’s about giving up to the darkness Entering the darkness not the darkness of the world And that which one would think The darkness that shrouds The unknown of God the unknown of God’s creation ...the darkness that shrouded God guarding from our sight of its glory.... 😏 “Entering The Dream”.


David E Lyric

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Oil painting
By David E Fessenden /Lyric

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