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Michelle Vandyk has been passionate about light, shadows, colours, and the relationships between God and man and our co-creation for as long as she can remember. Her mixed-media art reflects her belief that life is layered, textured, relational and meaningful. Many years ago Michelle received her BFA from Calvin University. After 16 years of teaching Middle and High School Art, she is adding a new dimension to her art practice by studying Art Therapy. Blessed to share her passion for many forms of visual art Michelle teaches adult/teen workshops, volunteers, and facilitates visual expression and healing through art. She strives to follow God’s leading in her life, but fails regularly. Jesus’ mercy and grace is what sustains her through life’s ups and downs. Professionally Michelle exhibits her art regularly and her work is found in art collections in Europe, North America and Japan. An intern at her church, Michelle is excited to be creating and facilitating art as worship this year. She is a member of CIVA, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and the BC Art Therapy Association.





Artist Statement

Before I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour (a very long time ago!)I was walking through New York City and was struck by these very torn, flag-like fabrics that had been exposed to the elements for some time. I was amazed they hadn’t blown away! I captured the image with my trusty Nikon FG film camera.

Jumping ahead more than 30 years (and many trials and tribulations) later, the image reamined in my mind. I found it to be a fitting metaphor as I reflect on a time about 6 years ago when I was caught off guard, almost swept away in a spiritual battle. It was in the heat of the battle that the text of Ephesians 6:10-18 anchored me to my Defender and Healer, my Jesus. I gave all of my fears, the shocking worldly truths, my pain and anguish over grave injustice- the whole battle- over to the King of Kings, the One who wields the power over all things. In turn He armed me with the Holy Spirit, who lovingly placed on me the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, readied my feet with the Gospel of peace, took up my shield of faith and armed me with the word of God. It was through the Holy Spirit I could give the battle to God in faith, through prayer, knowing he has absolute power and dominion over all things in the world and in the heavenly realms.

As a testament to Truth, I revisit the old image and notice now why the fabric flags did not blow away in the elements. They are tethered at the cross! As I added layer upon layer of encaustic, I fused them with fire to create a forever bond, covered in grace-white. But what lies beneath? I scrape back sharp the history revealing the battle of black and white- the Refiner -more precious than gold! All he imparts to me through the fiery trials I count as gain. I live to fly another day not alone, but tethered to my Faithful, Steadfast One.

How it fits into contest

I explained this in my artist's statement best. My image is a metaphor for my life with Jesus Christ. I am the fabric flag and Jesus is beside me (I'm not alone in this life). I'm tethered to God (at the cross at the bottom of the image). It's only through him that I remain in place- my solid foundation. In the background is the battle- symbolized by white and black. The gold is the fruit of the Refiner's fire- the process of sanctification in my life through fiery trials (I Peter 4:12-16). God is in control, the battle is his. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I can give my life over to Jesus Christ, who fights for me, and has already won the battle and claimed the victory! This is my testimony through my art, as praise and worship to my Saviour and King. To God be the glory forever! 2 Chronicles 20:17, Revelation 12:7-12, Ephesians 6:10-18


I recognize the Holy Spirit, who worked in me and through me to create "Tethered" as a public testimony to God the Father and my faithful Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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I offer encaustic paintings, encaustic monotypes, handmade cards, acrylic and mixed-media paintings as well as works of art in oils and cold wax. I teach in-person workshops, art therapy workshops and individual and group sessions.
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