Artist bio

I am a doctor. I like art and literature. In my free time I draw whatever I like.


In Sync with Mother Nature



Artist Statement

I love freedom and nature which the Almighty bestowed us but we humans have corrupted His blessings with our selfishness and greed. This doodle art depicts the true meaning of freedom coordinating with nature in various ways. A young girl dancing and breathing freely in the non-polluted nature without worrying about what others might think, glare, judge, comment or putting up to anyone’s expectations. By doing so she is also becoming a part of nature by expressing her true self. A doctor treating patient without having the necessity of wearing mask or PPE in a Covid-19 free world. Children playing kites under the glorious sun without having to worry about war, kidnapping or being locked in homes by strict parents. A man praying freely to God without being criticised, facing religious discrimination or being bombed. All forms of liberty in a world free of stress, covid-19, terrorism, hypocrisy, pollution and social stigma.

How it fits into contest

My artwork relates to some aspects of the spiritual battle. It is about the battle within ourselves. The nature was free of pollution in the beginning. But when humans began to live they cut down trees to fulfill their selfish desires and began urbanization thus destroying the natural effects and their benefits. In doing so, natural disasters and diseases happened and still are happening. So one must try to revert back to the true ways and ask for strength to the Almighty to be free from one's negative desires and doing harm to others. It is a constant battle to survive everyday amidst social stigma, diseases, accidents, wars and pollution. To fight these one must try to change views, adopt a positive attitude and also inspire others to do something great for the community instead of harbouring hatred and discrimination which are seen nowadays. My artwork is the result of a world which one could have lived in if one truly defeated his/her bad aspects and by doing so fulfilled the purposes as intended by The Almighty. But instead of fulfilling Almighty's wishes one falls in the trap of egoism, greed, jealousy and power. As it is easy to fall in these traps, one should always ask for strength and capability to The Almighty to refrain himself/herself.

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