Artist bio

DGW aluma and CIVA member, Christen Mattix, is a multifaceted artist who creates paintings, installations and community. Mattix has an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited widely including St. Mary's College (Notre Dame, IN), Tacoma Art Museum, (Tacoma, WA) The Whatcom Museum (Bellingham, WA); Seattle Art Museum Gallery (Seattle, WA); Cellspace in San Francisco, CA and more. Residencies include the James Washington Art Residency, The Vancouver Project, and Grunewald Guild.





Artist Statement

"Interlacing" is part of my Kaleidoscopic series of paintings that probe the boundaries between realism and abstraction, self and environment. I use different layers and textures to embody the multidimensional worlds I inhabit. With a stencil, brush and acrylic paint, I make repetitive patterns and pulsing rhythms across the surface. The ritual of stenciling over and over evokes the repetitive rhythms of life and prayer. Throughout this body of work, I seek to preserve a sense of wonder at the stubbornness of beauty.

How it fits into contest

"Interlacing" suggests the power of love to vanquish darkness. The two hands clasped together emit sparks of radiant, prismatic light, shooting sparks into the darkened space around it. I wanted to show that we are not meant to engage in the spiritual battle alone. The biggest enemy that we face in our spiritual battle is fear. The Bible is full of reminders to "be not afraid" but it is so easy to fall back into fear particularly during this challenging pandemic. The path to spiritual victory is to receive God's love flowing to us through the channels of Scripture, the beauty of nature, and community for "perfect love casts out all fear." (1 John 4:18)


Christen Mattix, image credit

How to Purchase this Artwork

"Interlacing," acrylic and colored pencil, $750.00. Contact: Christen Mattix, Purchase through Paypal or Venmo.

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