Lucas Anglin

Artist bio

I am a digital/mixed Media artist that started about 5 years ago, got serious in the last two years, and have been feautured in the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. I find art as an escape from my thoughts and anxiety, and find it very calming and insightful. I'm glad I tried it, and encourage others to push your boundaries. You never know what's possible.


Holy Water


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I see deep purity in the water surrounding the cross here. The power of this piece stands out and bursts from the center of the cross.Its an alternate design on a simple idea, and I think this piece speaks for itself.

How it fits into contest

I see no better representation of the armour spoken of in these verses than the Cross and Holy Water. I feel it is the strongest defense over weapons, and a sort of shield in its own right.


Lucas Anglin: Visual artist on mixed media platform.

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My art is available to purchase through messaging on or @LightsEyeArt on instagram.

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