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I'm known as jon mason, I'm a creator in many fields; art, writing, design etc. I just like creating and sharing my thoughts and expressions through my fields. You can check out my art or social media here: stay safe.


Ambassador in chains


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Well, the second I read the passage a second time, I had the idea in my head. I recognized we are all in chains right now metaphorically speaking, violence, racism, viruses and diseases etc. But once you put on your armor... well you'll be more than fine.

How it fits into contest

The piece shows a woman wearing her armor of god. The bible being the shield, the sword and the helm being the wings in this case. The chains are physically illustrated but the true chains we are being held by today are there as well. (Covid 19, riots, racism, gun violence, hatred of people for their beliefs etc.).


Jonathan mason / nosam_noj_art (instagram)

How to Purchase this Artwork

It's original but not for sale as of right now. It's fully digital. It will be on my online shops in the near future.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

You can contact me via instagram, email, etc. for commissions and what not.

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