Kaylyn Smith

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My name is Kaylyn Smith and I'm a digital artist. I enjoy drawing character-based illustrations with a style inspired by my love of japanese animation. In those mediums, the creativity used to make the fictional characters and worldly rules fascinated me. I found great interest in painting semi-realism combined with the style of manga. Currently, I decided to further pursue my passion by making prominently christian art, hoping that one my illustrations will not only glorify Christ and emphasize with fellow believers but plant a seed of faith in the unbelieving.


Worldly Distractions


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My submission, Worldly Distractions, was created by using a digital painting program. The girl's was drawn with a subtle serious/sad expression to show her difficultly with dealing with the temptations of her past distractions (TV programs, computer gaming, and phone addiction). She gently holds hers bible to demonstrate that in the end, everything will be good as long as she relies on the word of God.

How it fits into contest

This image shows how the distractions of the world can cause us to lose focus on God and our purpose on this earth. The TV (secular shows and movies), the computer (violent gaming) and the phone are tools that the devil can use to not only take our minds off of God but also as a way to infiltrate our souls and create demonic strongholds. The girl holds her bible, as a way to use the powerful word of God to hold off from such temptations as satans minions (the arms) attempt to pull her back into these sinful desires. The battle for our hearts and minds is fierce in this life. But, we know that with all the schemes of the devil trying to pull us in his direction, the power of God is stronger. The blood that thus Christ shed on the cross was the payment that follows us to stand against these distractions allowing God to take ground in your life and fight these unseen battles with his living word.


Kaylyn Smith

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