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I am 18 and a senior in at oak park high school, my art medium is sculpting from ceramic to mosaic. I recently starting spending a lot of my time making art during the begging of quarantine, which is where I found my passion for creating art.


Golden Lady



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During quarantine, I often felt stuck with new feelings of anxiety, frustration, and fear. I needed to find a way to cope with my emotions so I started designing sculptures, which then led me to create my piece, “Golden Lady.” My sculpture represents themes of courage, strength and perseverance shown by this woman. Each day, as I worked I was able to manifest these feelings which gave me a better hope for the future. When I look at her today, it reminds me of being strong in the face of difficult situations. My artwork was created using various materials. I initially sculpted using a styrofoam base to which I was able to use apoxie sculpt around it then cut and shaped with mosaic tiles. And then surrounding the face with old bullet shells I found from a junkyard to put around the face. “Golden Lady's” essence is what I strived for during some of the difficult days of the Pandemic. This sculpture would be a wonderful addition to this art exhibit as it represents the shared experience of the struggle we all shared.

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Ephesians 6: 10 is commonly described as the armor of God. My artwork is a woman's face with bullet shells surrounding it. The bullets that have latched on to the woman and have now given her the armor that makes her stronger than she ever was. The woman fights for her life and realizes she is just fighting herself and uses the strength against her to give her armor from the bullets around her.


My grandma who has inspired me to come an artist.

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The sculptures I make are from reusable materials I find from a trash to junk yards.

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