Artist bio

Shellando : I’m a 22 year old graphic deaigner from the Jamaica I have 3 years experience, I also draw /paint I’ve been doing this from a very young age.. I fell in love with art as young as I can remember myself. it has became a passion for me at this point. Luna: I’m 20years old artist from the Netherlands, I followed some art classes, I started out with just pencil drawings but I branched out with painting with aquarelle and Gouache, and making art with photography as well. we are just two individuals who came together to make this possible. Shellando and Luna, we met online a year ago and we are now best friends. We created a team specially for this event and did our work through Skype etc, shared our ideas test a few ideas Until we came out with this beautiful work of art.




Digital Art

Artist Statement

The inspiration behind our art is, the fact that there is a balance in this world to good and bad and that there should be. I see it as two hands holding different things at the same hight. They both hold different things, but they’re the still the same; two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.

How it fits into contest

Even in the darkest days man can’t give up hope, the light shines the brightest through darkness and through the darkest days expect the day when light shines over the World, peace shall raid over the lands, man will find the light in the darkness hours the creator shines his light o so bright for his people, in pain we shall find peace
In darkness we shall find light, in Chaos we shall find calmness, balance and peace. just never give up hope


Luna van der knaap : came up with the design, and the media to compose the work, helped with the idea and resources and also editing

Shellando Williams : edit and composed the work, made everything came together, also helped composed the idea

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original art work
Name: balance
Price : $100 (copy)
About: there is balance within everything both good and bad, you can’t have one without the other balance evens everything out

Type: Digital art

How to buy art:
Contact us via email or instagram

Instagram @lunavdknaap

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Shellando: I do graphic designing I create logos, flyers and other graphical pieces of work
Instagram @nessara_creatives

Luna: create original pieces of art work like drawing, painting etc
Instagram @lunavdknaap

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