Artist bio

I am a visual artist from North Carolina. I love to create stippling, pencil, ink drawings, etc. I am very passionate about helping people find healing through my artwork.


The Battlefield



Artist Statement

The drawing that I'm entering is about the Spiritual battle that we have to fight using the whole armor God, The picture displays the Shoes of peace that breaks up fear, the belt of Truth, Helmet of Salvation, The Shield of Faith, The Sword of The Spirit that is dismantling Anger and the Breastplate of Righteousness. The fire behind the things represent The fire of The Holy Spirit and the lightning represents God's power. The drawing was created with just dots and no lines.

How it fits into contest

The Artwork displays two major things a lot of people fight against. These things are not a fight against flesh and blood but against principalities, power, against rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We are seeing this in today's world more than ever. The things that we fight against is broken by The Whole Armor Of God.


I created the drawing.

How to Purchase this Artwork

this is an original work.
Price: 45.00
you can contact me by
I do have CashApp

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