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I am an illustrator and designer based in Colorado Springs with a Bachelor's Degree in graphic design from Bellevue University. When I'm not working on an art project, you might find me amidst the crowd of a Red Rocks concert or hiking one of Colorado's numerous mountains!


Ephesians 6:10


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

My process began with creating a mock-up in Adobe Photoshop of what I wanted the artwork to look like. I arranged everything digitally, and then printed the piece out at FedEx as a 12" x 24". I took this design and used it to create my ink and watercolor illustration. The materials I used: hot-press watercolor paper, Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils, and micron pens (1.0mm, .2mm, & .1mm). The verse font is based upon a typeface called Bradley Hand ITC.

How it fits into contest

My goal in creating this illustration was to create an image that could speak to anyone during the difficult times we are facing in 2020. I have focused my piece on Ephesians 6:10 because I believe this one verse captures the essence of the Bible passage specified for this contest. Though my piece depicts people of various backgrounds and callings, they all have direct access to the same mighty power of God, which is His armor. I’m willing to bet that many of them are already wearing this armor as you look at them!

The armor that these people wear prepares them for the spiritual warfare that all Christians must take part in. A famous MMA fighter has said, ""a fight is 10% physical and 90% mental.” The same can be said regarding our fight against the enemy. The greatest battleground is our mind, where the battle we fight is against forces of doubt, fear, and prejudice.

With this illustration, I want to compel viewers to ask questions like, “Right now, are these people equipped for the spiritual war that is being fought for their heart, soul, and mind? Are they keeping their eyes on God and His guidance? Are they being strong in the Lord’s mighty power?”

After you have asked these questions, I want you to turn these same questions on yourself. For example, ask questions like, “Am I staying focused on God? Am I seeking His mighty power in everything that I do? Am I equipped to fight against the enemy if he attacks at this moment?

On my piece’s leftmost and rightmost corners, I have cut the images of people in half to make a point that the world I am depicting is only a fragment of the story. In fact, the number of people I could illustrate is limitless. Anyone who embraces Jesus’s saving work on the cross can put on God’s full armor, no matter where they are, or what they are doing!

The architecture that surrounds these people is inspired by the early Christian church. I chose this because I wanted to communicate the connection we have in our spiritual battles with the ones that the saints throughout history have experienced from the very beginning.

At the top center, Golgotha and Jesus’s empty tomb identify His death and resurrection as the source of our victory. Without His sacrifice, we would have no reason to fight, but in His strength, we will fight and win!

Finally, lower in the central panel is a dove with extended wings, which is a Biblical symbol of the Holy Spirit, as well as hope, peace, and power in our spiritual battles.


Ralph Gregory Enos (my father) - With his doctorate in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, my father was an incredible source of help to me in making sure I got the details right.
Paula Drake Enos (my mother) - She was an encouragement, and inspired me to press on when I felt like giving up on this illustration.

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original work - $800
copy - $35 (printed on premium matte paper)

* 719-231-6189

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