Artist bio

I was born in Moscow in 2000.Nowadays I live in Tbilisi,Georgia. I am keen on photography and art.I really hope that some day I will be a succseful artist and can express my thoughts via my photos.





Artist Statement

I took these photos during the protests in my country,Tbilisi,Georgia.At that time we were trying not to let our rotten government put us into old communism time.To tell the truth every time we go out to the streets is because we are not ready to give up. It’s a really serious battle against the evil, in our case the evil is our own government. We were always on the bright side with a little hope that someday our country will succeed and glow again. People on my photos are blurred on purpose, because there is no such term as just me, an individual. No ,we are all together , with the same dreams, same fears ,same hope. My photos represent how different people no matter age, sex, race or religion can unite against the darkness. And I do believe that these people, who are photographed on my pictures will change the reality and create the country we truly deserve. We will achieve this goal with kindness and love in our hearts, no matter how enormous is our enemy.

How it fits into contest

Spiritual battle is all about fighting with demons and evil. So who is more evil than a human being with a cruel heart? No one. We are the demons of our lives. Our whole existence is a battle between light and darkness, good or bad, black or white. With my photographs I wanted to represent how much power a person can handle. People on these photos are in a war with their own government but not only. Every person is fighting the battle inside his heart and soul. When you want to conquer the demon the main point is not to turn into a demon. So you have to control yourself in case not to lose the purity of your mindset. I think that those who can be in charge of their actions, feelings and thoughts no matter how terrible the situation is are the gods of their own lives. Based on this belief my photos represent how you can fight against the evil without losing your true colors. When the truth, love, freedom and kindness is on your side no demon can let you down. This is my point of spiritual battle where demons have no opportunity to win .


My submission was done only by me but I was inspired by every person who is not giving up to have better future.

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You can purchase my submission via Email or Instagram.
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Instagram: Tattak1

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