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My name is Gavin Turner and I have been an IT professional for roughly 20 years now. I am an avid sports enthusiast who, at 44 years old, still enjoys playing basketball and flag football. Art has been a dormant passion of mine. I grew up taking art classes throughout high school but pursued a Computer Science degree in college. It wasn't until my wife bought me a set of pencils a few years ago that I rediscovered my love of art. This love also helped me connect with God on a different level - as the original Master Artist/Creator.


Humble Pawn



Artist Statement

This piece is a depiction of Satan's grip on this world/culture and how we are to navigate it. Represented by the snake, Satan is peering out through fig leaves. This is a reminder of what happens when we go outside of God's will. Satan is wrapped around the world which is represented by the chessboard. There are fiery darts ahead of the Humble Pawn who is surrounded by the armor of God. I made the armor as chess pieces with the exception of the shoes of peace. The belt of truth is around the breast plate of righteousness. Each piece is pure in and of themselves but are sitting in blood which is representing Christ's blood that was shed for all. Humble Pawn is also standing in and being overtaken by the blood of Jesus.

How it fits into contest

This fits into the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses by showing that Satan has a huge influence in this world and he wants to lead us to death. There is a battle for our souls and if we don't humble ourselves and put on the protection God has provided for us, we will find ourselves playing a game we are not ready for.


My wife (Latoya Turner) for suggesting the snake wrapped around the chessboard.

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